No sound on some cable TV stations.

Solution 1 – Change MTS setting on TV or remote from SAP to Stereo or Mono. One solution mentioned changing the MTS setting which is used by the hearing impaired.  My remote didn’t have this option so I checked the digital adapter menu items.

Solution 2 – Change Language\Audio setting to English. I found that my Language\Audio setting was set to Espanol.  Changing this to English brought my sound back.  Funny since I got no sound with the Espanol setting, not even Spanish.


In wheel group but can’t su

Problem – I get the message ‘you are not in group wheel’ when I su even though I am in the wheel group. Ran groups command showing wheel username

Solution – Enter command sudo user mod -G wheel username to add username to wheel when user already exists.  Help on this info found here.

Enter the command groupinfo wheel to find out what users are in the wheel group.

Some people report still having problems.  One solution found here seems to be running the following command chmod +s /bin/su

OpenBSD 5.8 moved sudo to ports so it has to be installed separately.